Artist / Title

Price can vary widely and is generally determined by three factors: artist, title, and condition.

The artist and title play a big role. For example, million selling artists like Stevie Wonder, The Eagles and Michael Jackson were pressed many times and are not hard to find, therefore they are not considered “rare” or valuable (with some exceptions!) and will not hold as much value as titles with smaller pressings by more obscure artists. The most valuable vinyl records (in general) are those with songs that would most likely not have been played on the radio, and are from smaller, lesser known artists.

Condition of your vinyl record

Aside from the artist or title, condition is a very important factor in determining how much your records are worth. We consider the condition of both the record jacket for LPs, as well as the condition of the vinyl itself. Jackets and vinyl records with lots of tears and scratches will not hold as much value. LPs need to be in their original jacket in order for us to consider buying them. 45s and 78s do not need to have their original jacket or sleeve. Please note: there is no need to clean your records ahead of an appointment.

Your records may be worth more than you think.

If you’re not sure what you have, don’t worry. Give us a call! After asking you a few questions about your collection we may be able to give a general range. The final determination is made by our buyers personally inspecting your collection. Call us at 855-CASH4LP (855-227-4457), email us or use our contact form to make an appointment.

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